Takaisin suomessa ja alle viikko ennen YKI testia! / Back in Finland and less that a week until the YKI test

I just got back home to Joensuu a couple of hours ago and from now until Saturday I hope to be in serious YKI test preparation mode. I have to work Tues, Weds, Thurs but I’m hoping to do some training in the evenings and to use Friday for last minute prep! I also have a Skype lesson booked with Hanna on Wednesday evening to practice for the speaking part of the test. I got some puhuminen practice as soon as I got back to Joensuu as my suitcase didn’t arrive with me. It’s still in Helsinki. So I got to describe the suitcase and give my address and phone number in Finnish to Finnair. If this tilanne comes up in the puhuminen part of the test that’d be great as I’ve now practiced it! 😉 Just before I left for England I got the paper work about the test through from Kansalaisopisto. The test is scheduled to last just under 4 hrs with only on short break (!) There will be two groups. Both start by taking the tekstin ymmärtäminen part of the test then one group does the puheen ymmärtäminen ja puhuminen part whilst the other does  the kirjoittaminen part and vice versa. I don’t mind which group I’m in as for me the tekstin ymmärtäminen is probably gong to be the hardest bit and there’s no choice about doing that later on in the day when I’m ‘warmed up.’ Being in England has meant I haven’t been doing that much prep or practice (see my treenaaminen page for what I’ve beendoing) but I did try to speak a bit of Finnish with M whilst he was with me and with my sister and even teach my parents a few words! As soon as I got on the Finnair plane I switched to Finnish and the on board announcements were a nice test of my puheen ymmärtäminen skills! 😀


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