Läpäisinkö testin? Ja kirjoittaminen harjoitella / Will I pass the test? And writing practice

With just under 3 weeks to go until the YKI testi I am starting to wonder what my chances are of passing it.

I went back through all the puheen ymmärtäminen and tekstin ymmärtäminen practice papers we did during the prep course and checked my scores. I need 70% to pass.

In puheen ymmärtäminen my average score (from 6 practice papers) was 78% and scores ranged from 93% ( olin liekeissä 😉) to a total fail of 46%. In tekstin ymmärtäminen my scores ranged from 56% to 84% and the average (from 6 papers) was 70% so it looks like i’m heading to fail this part of the test unless the real test is easier than the practice papers we’ve had! As I said in an earlier post I’m at a bit of a loss as to how to improve my reading comprehension in such a short timeframe… I have found a good website for practicing tekstin ymmärtäminen online so I’ll be using that to try to improve although this site only has multiple choice answers and it’s mostly the free text answers which I’m getting wrong.

I just did my kirjoittaminen homework and then got M to check it (as I won’t be in class next week when they go through it). The homework was an opinion piece (mielipideteksti) and I’ll copy out my answer below. As ever this is NOT a ‘perfect’ answer but it is correct grammar and spelling wise, does what is required, and gives some examples of how to express your opinion (marked in green). For more on writing opinion pieces check this post.


Valitse alla olevista aiheista ja kirjoita siitä mielipideteksti. Muista perustella oma mielipiteesi ainakin kolmella eri tavalla. 

Yleiset kulkuvälineet vai oma auto?

Kotiruoka vai valmisruoka?

Minun mielipideeni on, että kotiruoka on parempi kuin valmisruoka.

Vaikka valmisruoka on nopeampi laittaa, minusta kotiruoka on parempi koska se on maistuvampi kuin valmisruoka.

Minun mielestäni kotiruoka on myös tervellisempi ja halvempi kuin valmisruoka.

Kun minulla on kiire tai minä olen väsynytvalmisruoka on kätevampi laitaa kuin valmisruoka mutta usein laitaa kotiruokaa koska minulle on tärkeää että syön hyvin.


2 thoughts on “Läpäisinkö testin? Ja kirjoittaminen harjoitella / Will I pass the test? And writing practice

    1. No, the specific texts, topics and exact questions are different in every test but the examples on this blog will give you a good idea what kind of things they will ask you about. Some things are the same in every test, for example you will have to write an opinion piece (mielipideaihe) so make sure you know how to expression your opinion in Finnish!

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