Neljas oppitunti / The Fourth Lesson

Sorry that this post is a little late: did a LOT of x-country skiing today! Here’s one of the hills I skied down – it was worse than it looks in the picture but I made it!


So, the fourth lesson. We had a puheen ymmärtäminen (listening comprehension) mock exam in which I did well: 24/31, 77%, a solid pass! There was one part I even enjoyed where we were listening in to patients and medical staff and we had to write where they were  and what was happening to them! I got the results of my tekstin ymmärtäminen (reading comprehension) homework which this time I spent a full hr on: 28/40, 70%, just scraped a pass!

We also corrected a text: an email which was our homework last week. From that exercise here is a  kirjoittaminen (writing) exercise and model answer with colour code linking the answer to the instructions. HUOM! As ever this is not a ‘perfect’ answer but one which does everything that is asked for!

Sähköposti Ystäväsi on lähtenyt lomamatkalle ja pyytänyt sinua kastelemaan hänen poissa ollessaan kukat. Kun ole ystäväsi asunnossa, rikot siellä vahingossa jonkin esineen. Kirjoita hänelle nyt vietsi jossa kerrot

  • Mikä esine meni rikki
  • Kuinka vahinko tapahtui
  • Miten aiot korvata vahingon

Muista sopiva aloitus ja lopetus



Aihe: Kukkien kastelu

Hei Sanna, Toivattavasti lomasi on mennyt hyvin. 

Kun tulin kastelemaan kukat, pudotin vahingossa muumimukin pöydältä. 

Muki oli pöydällä ja se putosi lattialle kun minä laiton pöydälle yhden kukan.

Olen todella pahoillani ja pyydän vahinkoa anteeksi. Yritän löytää samanlaisen mukin kaupasta.

Nähdään, Chloe 

We then had a puhuminen (speaking) practice using the same tilanteita (scenarios) as in previous lessons. Mine was: Puhelimsi soi ja soittaja on lehtimyyjä. Hän haluaa myydä sinulle sanomalehden kestotilauksen. Et halua tilata lehteä (keski itse, miksi). Mitä sanot?

I answered: Kiitos, mutta en halua tilata sanomalehtia koska en osaa lukea hyvin suomeksi!

Ope then gave us some vinkkeja (tips) for the speaking part of the exam:

  • If you have to give a reason (syy) why you do or do not want something (as in the scenario above) or why you can’t do something it can be a ‘bad’ or ‘stupid’ reason eg “Koska en jaksaa.” But you should learn some stock reasons you could give eg “En pääse koska minulla on kokous.”
  • Use the words and phrases in the scenarios (as I have in the example above)
  • Read the scenarios carefully! One student got the wrong idea about the scenario, and so gave a nonsensical answer, because she misread it.
  • Just say something! You have 30s per tilanne which is a loooong time
  • Ask the question you were asked back or ask eg “Entä siellä?” “Entä sinulle / sinua?” (but only if the scenario is appropriate!!)

To conclude we had a short grammar (kielioppi) lesson on objekti cases (partitiivi, genetiivi, nominatiivi) which involved Ope reading out 2 pages of rules which we had copies of. Grammar is crucial to succeeding in the YKI test, even if their is no specific test of grammar or grammar exercises in the test, your answers in the writing, speaking and reading parts of the test will suffer if you can’t construct grammatically correct sentences. But grammar is definitely not my strong point, and I hate learning it in this by rote, formal way, so I won’t repeat the lesson here. I have learnt my Finnish grammar through practice: by listening and speaking and because of this it is messy and often incorrect.

The lessons go by so fast (they are only 90 mins) we don’t get that much done. But we do have 2hrs of homework as well!


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