Kotitehtävä / Homework

Our homework from the second lesson was a tekstin ymmärtäminen (reading comprehension) mock test paper and a kirjoitaminen (writing) exercise.

I timed myself doing the reading comprehension and it took me 30 mins (the time allowed is 60 mins) but this was largely because I couldn’t answer some of the questions. The frustrating thing is that I understand the texts but not the questions!

As before the format was true/false questions, multiple choice questions and free form questions where you have to write a sentence or two.

The texts were all under 1 page long (usually only 1/4-1/2 page long) so there should be plenty of time in the test for reading and re-reading them.

UPDATE 14.2: I got 17/26 or 65% for the reading comp which would be a FAIL 😦 This week I will try harder with the reading comp and make sure to spend the full hr on it.

The writing exercise was as follows (I’m posting it here in case anyone wants to use it for kirjoitaminen practice, you could then get a Finnish speaker to check what you wrote 🙂 Show them the instructions as well)


Ystäväsi on lähtenyt lomamatkalle ja pyytänyt sinua kastelemaan hänen poissa ollessaan kukat. Kun ole ystäväsi asunnossa, rikot siellä vahingossa jonkin esineen. Kirjoita hänelle nyt vietsi jossa kerrot

Mikä esine meni rikki

Kuinka vahinko tapahtui

Miten aiot korvata vahingon

Muista sopiva aloitus ja lopetus




Teksti (n. 6 lausetta):

Model answer here.


One thought on “Kotitehtävä / Homework

  1. I did the same exercise, in a little bit more simple finnish maybe, in our tekstin ymmärtäminen at the opisto 😀 Good practice! Waiting to know how you did!


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