Toinen oppitunti / The Second Lesson

The second lesson began with some puhuminen (speaking) practice. Each of us was given a question or phrase and we had to give an appropriate response. I got:

Mennäänkö kahville?

I answered: Kyllä mennään

Ope (teacher) said that a better response would be Mennään vaan or, if you wanted to give a negative answer, Nyt en ehdi.

Other phrases were:

Paljonko kello on?

Missähän täällä on vessa?


Moi, moi. Nähdään!

I think this exercise was probably a bit easier than what we’ll get in the test. I think in the test we will need to give longer answers.

We then went through the tekstin ymmärtäminen (readng comprehension) homework.

I got 34/43 or 79% which would be a pass (you need 70% to pass). I did well on the true/false questions ( I had a 50/60 chance of getting them right 😉 ) and the multiple choice. The questions where you have to write a sentence or two in answer were too difficult for me. I only got 2/6 for those questions. I’ll have to hope they are not a big part of the reading comprehension test! The trick with those questions seems to be to use the same words as in the text.

Quite a few students asked for clarification of some of the words in the texts and in the questions so it seems some of the others didn’t get 100% either! Some students even argued a little about the interpretations of the texts!

We then did a puheen ymmärtäminen (listening comprehension) mock test. The first part of the test was quite good fun. It was titled Kuku moittii ketä? (who scolds whom?). Moittii was a new word for me (it’s now a word of the day) and I’m glad the teacher explained its meaning as otherwise I would have assumed it meant “greets” (as moi is hi).

We then listened to four angry Finns and had to work out from what they were saying who they were and who they were cross with. I got 4/4 but I forgot to put the ketä in partitiivi as in: vaimo moittii miestä.

After this we listened to Minttu making a reservation at a hotel and had to write down answers in the form of lists, for example the 4 different room types the hotel had according to the desk clerk. We got to listen through twice (as in the real test) and I got all the answers. I found it quite easy to understand what was being said and I knew the vocabulary because I have styed in lots of Finnish hotels 🙂

Finally we listened to a conversation between Minttu and her colleague Onni as they drove from Kokkola to Kemi. Again we listened through twice and had to answer 4 multiple choice questions. I found this more difficult and only got 2/4 though I think one question Aluksi Minttu 1, väsyttää 2, sattuu, 3, ärsyttää, 4, itkettää was a bit open to interpretation! (She sounded tired to me but apparently she was annoyed!)

After this Ope gave us the registration forms for the YKI test and told us when it would be. I am gong to write a separate post about that!

Our homework is, as before, a reading comp. test and a writing exercise (only 1 this time). I’ll write a separate post about the homwork.


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