Kotitehtävä osa 1 / Homework part 1

Firstly I’d just like to say thanks for the interest in the blog so far: over 300 views yesterday!

I’d also like to offer the invitation for guest bloggers to write a post/ posts here about learning Finnish. If you’re interested just comment below this post.

This morning I completed the reading comprehension part of my homework. This was in the form of a mock test paper. It should take 1 hour but I took less time…I was planning to do it under timed conditions but the interruptions of breakfast and M (my Finnish OH) talking to me sort of messed that up!

The reading comprehension melted my brain and I really don’t know how I’ve done with it…I’ll post the results here when I get them!

The texts were all quite short and the answers varied from true/false, multiple choice and written answers (these were really hard!)

I’m planning to do the writing homework this evening and I’ll post here again later.

Now I’m going skiing!


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